Hi! Welcome to my blog. My name is Marilyn Jansen. I am an editor, mom, wife, Jesus freak. I like to laugh and sing and dance, often in the most inappropriate places. I am happiest when I am helping people discover new things, try new experiences, embrace God-given joy, or travel to new places.

I love listening to my kids’ point of view and decoding their tweets. I thank God daily for GIRLFRIENDS. I am nothing without them. And I have had the privilege of doing life with a great, godly man for more than 28 years.

God is good. He has filled my life with good things. He amazes me, surprises me, delights me. I’m just trying to share that awesomeness with others.


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  1. I was doing research about Aphasia as my friend has This as a result of an injury in 2014. Her sister is asking about EO and if they can help. I found your blog mentions NingXia Red. Would you be willing to chat and point me in the right direction for EO?


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