Tulip Season at Cheekwood


1. A favorite—yellow and orange star tulip.


2. These red tulips seem to be in HD.


3. Neon green plant in the wall stones.


4. Dogwood blossoms.


5. What are these white flowers ?


6. Ruffled fuschia tulips were more purple in real life.


7. These pastel petals just scream spring.


8. Empress tulips with lots of petals.


9. Tulips and pond are very zen.


10. Watercolored white and light purple tulips.


11. There were fields of tulips.


12. These zesty yellow and orange flowers stole the show.


13. Variegated orange triangle tulips. Who knew?

14. This snowball tree reminds me of Grandma Dunn.



15. Love how the blooms pop up everywhere.


16. The whole place is just beautiful.


One of our discoveries here in Nashville is Cheekwood Art and Gardens. It is small botanical garden with a beautiful mansion in the middle that serves as an art museum.

During Christmas we visited and were delighted to see trees decorated in a different country’s style in each room of the mansion. It was awesome.

This week we went to catch the tulip season. They have more than 100,000 tulips as well as various other flower and flowering tree species. All I can say is butter my buns and call me a biscuit. It was gorgeous—beyond anything I was expecting.

It made me feel closer to God just walking around. He sure likes to paint the earth with extraordinary color and texture. We were only able to spend an hour or so but I got about fifty photos before my battery died. I am sharing sixteen of my favorites.

Don’t these just brighten your day? Which is your favorite? Do you names of things pictured here?

If you are in the Nashville area, go see the tulips this weekend before they are gone.






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