Blessings and Adventures


Jeff and I started an adventure yesterday. We are road tripping to Minnesota and Wisconsin to see family and friends. To fully appreciate this travel we are counting blessings and looking for adventure along the way. So…

Blessing #1: My Ningxia Red travel case. This puppy keeps my Ningxia Red cold. With a little manipulation (ripping out inner walls) we were able to get Jeff’s cherry juice concentrate bottle in there to stay cool too. Double blessing!


What the heck is Ningxia you may ask. Ningxia is an amazing vitamin, mineral, essential oil drink that helps a lot with mental focus and alertness. It is sometimes called gypsy juice at my house. It has put the cabash on issues I was having with aphasia. The cherry juice is for Jeff’s arthritic knees.

Blessing #2: Laughter. Jeff calls it the Ninja case (not on purpose). We use the case to carry around the juice that fuels our wicked ninja skills. We laugh and invent bigger and better stories on how we use those secret skills on unsuspecting villains or kids.

Adventure #1: At 11:30 pm we took a chance on a hotel in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Never heard of this town before, but even ninjas need to sleep. It turned out to be an okay place with nice beds but sketchy lighting. Good peanut butter. Bad coffee.

Adventure #2: Since we were making good time, we decided to find a place we have never tried for lunch in Clear Lake. Cancun fit the bill. Chips and salsa were good. Chairs had dried-on cheese and wobbled. Guac was decent. Prices great. Chicken was unseasoned and boiled. But no revenge of Montezuma or anything of that nature. So…score another point for adventure.

Now it is off to a friend’s high school graduation where more blessings will be counted. She is such a sweet and sincere girl. We are honored to have a tiny part in her life story.

Life is grand. And the adventure has just started. More to come…but you may miss it. We are tricksy ninjas after all.


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