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Laugh Out Loud


Today we had a comedian speak at our church, Michael Jr. It was weird to be laughing at jokes and thinking about God’s saving grace at the same time. But why should that be so weird? The Bible says a lot about joy and cheerfulness. It says laughter is good medicine. Believing in God should bring glorious, inexpressible joy.  If the light God put in you is laughter, shouldn’t you let it shine for all to see? Even at church? YES.

I’ve had a few people tell me in my life that there was something different about me…a joy that surpasses what is going on around me. I pray that is true. I love to laugh. I am always looking to share a joke or find the humor in the situation. Michael Jr. said that God has taught him that he is not only to use humor to receive laughs, but to bring the light of laughter into others’ lives. Laughter reflects God’s light. He wants us to laugh! That makes me enjoy giggles, chuckles, and guffaws even more.

It also reminds me that laughter is from God just like His other gifts. When it is used to degrade, make fun of, or hurt others, it has been corrupted into something God never intended. Laughter is outward evidence of joy. It should be shared with all those we love. It is something we should be seeking daily.

Not only is it good for the soul, it is also good for the body. Research reveals that laughing is as good for the heart as exercising. Just think, by having a good hearty laugh you can be improving your health. Laugh it up! It reflects our God-given joy. Let it bubble up from your soul and out into a world that needs more joy-light. 🙂