What Day It Is


The question we hear most on this trip is, “What day is it?” It usually takes a discussion involving two or three chaperones to answer that question. We thought this was day three on our Stupendous Band Tour. If we left on Thursday, however, this must be day four since it is Sunday night. But with a day of airport time, the time difference, and today’s change to daylight savings time, we feel like this is day three–otherwise known as the “grumpy day.”

It started off with me waking from one of the deepest sleeps ever. Wow, was it hard to emerge from the depths. The alarm may have gone off for a minute or two or ten (only my roommate, Jonette, knows for sure). Then a couple of my girls went back to sleep after a 7:15 am wske up visit from me and almost missed the bus. They ended up getting ready in like four minutes since everyone was waiting. Grumpy.

The day got better. The weather was sunny and warm (downright hot by Minnesota standards). We took a tour of Salzburg with Ms. Winnie as our guide.

Walked over the lock bridge. Saw the fortress, a piece of pickle art, Mozart’s statue, his birth house, the house he grew up in. Saw an amazing graveyard, several cathedrals, horses, a coffee shop, and the best chocolate store in Austria.

Jonette and I had coffee on the bslcony of Thomadini’s and sausages again for lunch. Yum. Then we shopped for eggs at an amazing shop with thousands of exquisitely hand-painted eggs. Our group may be responsible for a dozen or two making their way to the U.S.

Spring has sprung here. Green grass and flowers are everywhere. Our kids played beautifully in the Mirabell Gardens (one of many gorgeous garden squares in Salzburg) at the summer castle (aptly named since we were all suffering in the warm temps with hot band jackets).

Lots of people came because they knew tbere would be a concert and others were beguiled by the music and joined us. Total success. Mr. Christianson got a text from the mayor thanking us for such a great performance.

After a short rest at the hotel (where shoes and shirts were changed for the benefit of all), we were back on the road again. This time to play a concert in St. Vitalis Church. It was small and it was challenging to get the sound right. But, Boy Howdy, did the band rise to the challenge!

The small wooden church filled with Salzburgians ready to hear and appreciate lovely music. And our kids delivered. It brought tears to my eyes to see the kids do so well for an audience who knew and appreciated each note. I was so proud–I would have popped my buttons if I hadn’t been wearing a zippered jacket. Those gracious, wonderful people asked for an encore then gave the band a four minute ovation. It was one of those awesome moments in time that is imprinted on your soul. What memories.

What day it is? Awesome day.

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  1. Marilyn,

    Thanks for sharing the grumpy day! I think you did superb and the day was so successful for the band. Memories they will have for a live time. The photos were gorgeous. Makes me want to travel!

    Jackie is a handsome young man!



  2. Wow, sounds like so much fun! I miss having adventures like those. And I wish I would have invited you to come to my choir trip, though I think the spots were all taken before I even knew… anyway, take lots of pictures, eat good food and bring me back a present! ❤ Ooh, tell Jack I say hi!


    • I will tell him. And I am sorry I didn’t go with you too. I miss you so much. Some of the girls here remind me of you. I wanted to shop with you. Do you want so.ethi g in particular? We are headed to Cinderella’s castle.


      • Nothing in particular, just a little something special. 🙂 you always bring back fun and unique presents from your trips. I miss you too! Ill see you soon, for Jackie’s graduation! 🙂 Love you!


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