Spinning Plates


What was I thinking? I started a new fitness regimen, diet, budget, and spiritual mentorship at the same time. I am pretty sure that is the definition of “crazy.” In order to keep all these plates spinning, a few other things had to go. I cannot find time in the day for everything. So leg shaving, eyebrow tweezing, blind dusting, garage cleaning, and a few other “ings” have been given up in hopes that the medicine taking and grave digging will be pushed farther into the future. **Please note that cooking, working, and bathing are still on the agenda.

In the last century, we women were told that we could do it all. We were supposed to be able to bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let our husbands forget they were bacon-eating men. Not to mention, give birth to babies, oversee their education, save for their future, have gleaming counters, perfect figures, and know intuitively when Macy’s is having a sale on shoes. I have discovered that I can do it all—with two secretaries, a nanny, several electronic devices, and a housekeeper. Without that kind of help, however, I’m hosed. Plates, my friends, have ceased their spinning.

Sometimes it feels like I’m the one going in circles and the plates are simply taunting me. Ever feel that way?

My question is, why do feel we have to have so many plates in motion? What is wrong with letting someone else spin a few? Isn’t it smart to admit I can spin six plates, maybe seven, but plates eight, nine, and ten need to be spun by someone else? Or to leave them in the cupboard for another season of life? Isn’t that healthy?

The funny thing is we women are usually the ones reaching into the cupboards for more plates to spin. We get caught up in the sparkling magic of it all and forget that we have plates behind us that are starting to wobble. I think it is time to stop running around trying to do it all. Time to prioritize things so I can do my few things well and let the others go. I’m asking myself what is important to God, what is important to my family, what is important for the future. Those are the plates I want to concentrate on. The rest are just breakfast dishes. It’s not my day to wash them!


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  1. I never tried to spin plates. Plates are for eating. And that cake sounds wonderful.
    I am “Winnie the Pooh.” I wake up and look for the honey pot when I’m hungry. I take each day as it comes. Some may call it being lazy; I call it good.


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