Trust with Teeth


I am sitting in an oral surgeon’s waiting room. My son is having five wisdom teeth cut out of his jaws today. FIVE. He says that means he is less evolved than the rest of us. (Something to do with cavemen having so many rotten teeth they needed more to replace them?) That may be, but it also means that he is more expensive than the rest of us. We have to pay for every wayward tooth.

I am not too worried about the finances. God has given me a job with great benefits so our cost is reasonable. Thank God for His gift of a most excellent job! What I am not feeling so thankful for right at the moment is my son’s track record with Murphy’s Law. He is such an amazing kid. But if there is a short stick to be drawn he is usually the one pulling it out of the stack. He loves life and making people laugh and looking at the world from a slightly skewed point of view. He makes me chuckle and makes me think and makes the world more interesting. Right now, however, he could use a break from Murphy’s Law.

I have asked my prayer warrior friends to pray for him as he is being cut into and while he is in his time of healing. (He may have a hole from his mouth through his sinuses that would be perfect if he wanted to do party tricks with a piece of spaghetti.) I am trying trust. But I know his track record and I am having a hard time giving this to God. I feel like Jacob fighting with God over it—right here in the waiting room. I want His blessing for my child. I don’t want to let go until God promises me protection and healing for his whole body and soul. Am I crazy? Don’t answer that.

Instead of wrestling, I should be trusting. But my mommy heart is finding that difficult.

I will try to stop wrestling and trust in the promises God has given. If I ask in His name it will be done. I have asked. He has promised that no matter what happens He is with us. He has it under control. Okay, gulp, I can trust. I can. It is always easier to trust when I start thanking Him for what I have, what I know He has provided. So, thank You, God, for this day, for doctors, for free wi-fi, for anesthesia, for smart phones that capture video of boys coming out of surgery  saying the funniest things….

How about you? Are you wrestling with God about something? Try thanking Him for the thing you are worried about. It gives teeth to your trust!
If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.
Matthew 21:22


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